1 Year Later…

August 10, 2014

Well, it’s been over a year since I started this blog. Along the way I’ve learned a lot of things, and none of them are to do with writing blogs. Sorry.

I think my favourite part about this blog has been having the ability to broadcast whatever I like across the internet. It’s been good sharing my (unpopular) opinions on music, video games, and the dreaded feelings. It’s been even better seeing people respond to those opinions. It’s good to know that I’m not just shouting into the void. So thank you, everyone who commented, reblogged, liked and shared my stuff. I really appreciate it!

So what’s next for me? Well, to begin with, I want to increase my output here. I’ll be posting a lot more of my own work, both extracts from things-in-progress and finished pieces. I want to write more reviews, and introduce more interesting things that I’ve come in contact with to the rest of the world. I also want to share more writing tips, which is something I’ve been pretty lax on lately.

In the present moment, however, I’ve embarked upon a writing project with my awesome friend Izzy Ball. It’s called Witch Lad, and you should definitely, definitely check it out!